LevelUP judges judging Cosplay competition


NexusCon (previously called LevelUP!) is an annual festival event hosted by Nexus HQ and supported by Blue Sky Community Services and headspace Coffs Harbour.

NexusCon is an innovative and exciting event held in Coffs Harbour for young people and the wider community who have common interests. NexusCon provides for as many facets of nerdism and geekery as possible including Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, video games of all genres, table top games, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Yu-GI-Oh, Pokémon, Anime, Manga, Cosplay, LARP, Medieval LARP, Fan Fiction and so much!

NexusCon attendees come dressed in fabulous costumes which adds to the exciting atmosphere of the day. In 2015, 700 people enjoyed NexusCon and in 2016, this number rose to 800! We are hoping to increase this number even more in 2017!

At each NexusCon we gain wonderful and positive feedback from attendees. Some of the feedback from past NexusCon events include:

‘I loved how it brought everyone together’

‘ It was great to see nerds coming out and coming together to share with each other’

‘The atmosphere of the place was amazing. It was great to have a big gathering of people who share similar interests’

‘I loved everything! The activities, the competitions, the stalls and meeting new people’

‘I enjoyed the fact that so many people joined in and the cosplay was amazing! Also the Yu-Gi-Oh tournament was fun! I love dueling new people’

‘Thank you for hosting this event! It made so many people happy and I’m sure a great number of people were amazed to find out just how many like-minded people there are, and there’s always a place to fit in’

Stay tuned for information on the next NexusCon event!

You can find out how to get involved in Nexus HQ or NexusCon and about other upcoming events by contacting:

Emailing us at contact@bluesky.org.au

Phoning us on (02) 6651 1788

Joining the Nexus HQ facebook page at Like the Nexus HQ Facebook Page

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