Serene Care Counselling

Serene Care Counselling service specialises in domestic violence, workplace bullying and other relationship issues.

Tracy Cerff is a practicing counsellor for Serene Care who specialises in DV & Childhood Abuse as well as working with clients struggling with depression, anxiety and co-morbidities. Tracy is affiliated with RICKY HUNTER & ASSOCIATES, facilitating DV workshops throughout Australia.

Tracy has been lecturing and writing for colleges along the east coast of Australia for the past 5 years and counselling for 8 years. Life experiences have led Tracy to work and study within the community service sector and to follow her passion in helping & supporting those affected by domestic violence and childhood abuse.

Service Category
Counselling, Domestic Violence, Education and training, Mental Health, Women, Youth

Service Region
  • Contact Person:
    Tracy-Ann Cerff
  • Address:
    111 Macintosh Street, Forster and 182 Victoria Street, Taree
  • Opening Hours: Seven days a week / 10am-7pm by appointment only
  • Phone: 0488 737 363

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