We are a not-for-profit community organisation

We create communities where everyone belongs and is valued

We support people to thrive and to reach their dreams and goals

We know, and are part of, our local communities

We have a workplace where each person and the work they do matters

We are professional, friendly and helpful


Our Vision

Support people to thrive and create communities where everyone belongs


Our Values

At Blue Sky Community Services we value:

Optimism and Innovation

We carry this out by creating possibilities and solutions and by supporting people to find new opportunities and choices. We value creativity and ideas and are willing to explore new ways of achieving positive outcomes.

Integrity and Respect

We carry this out by making sure everyone we come into contact with feels valued and appreciated. We are professional, ethical and accountable in our work and we communicate in a positive and sensitive way.

Inclusion and Diversity

We carry this out by creating spaces and communities where people belong and can thrive and where diversity is celebrated. We inspire and influence positive social change. We support people to have a voice and to be active participants in decision making. We value and utilise the diverse strengths, gifts, talents and assets of people and communities.

To read more about social inclusion and diversity at Blue Sky Community Services, click here.

Connection and Kindness

We carry this out by creating opportunities for people to connect with each other, with family and friends and to community life. We connect people to their passions and dreams and to information and resources. We are kind, friendly and helpful and we build strong networks to enhance positive outcomes.


Service Charter

If you would like to read our Service Charter please click here.

To read more about using our services, including your rights and responsibilities, you can view our brochure here.

Privacy Policy