The Sensory Regulation through Creative Arts project has been developed to help build awareness and understanding of the human senses, sensory regulation and the benefits of sensory tools for all people. This series of lesson plans and resources is designed to start positive conversations with students and build awareness of sensory needs and supports. The lessons explore ways to create inclusive and supportive classroom environments for students who may have diverse sensory needs.

The project includes individual lessons, assessments, tasks, marking rubrics, and a variety of additional inclusive teaching and professional learning resources.

This hands-on and highly interactive unit provides opportunities for students and teachers to learn about the human senses and then make a variety of different sensory tools. Through this process, students will be able to describe and respond to what sensory tools are, what they are used for, and how different sensory tools can support the self-management of emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Additional lessons have been created to offer teachers an alternate sensory tool option if they feel the first sensory tool is not achievable for their classroom and their students.

These alternate sensory tools may be favourable for any number of reasons, specifically due to the materials needed to create them. These sensory tools require materials that most schools would have on hand or can easily source. The Chatterbox and Flexagon can also be made available to students who are working remotely, as the templates can be sent electronically and the materials are commonly found in most homes.

In the additional lessons, students observe the same learning intention, warm up and lesson content as found in the first many lessons. However, the planning and reflection sheets are specific to the alternate sensory tool.

We are sure whichever lesson plan you choose to follow, your students will receive a valuable experience when creating their own sensory tools!