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Inclusive Communities

What we do

We support our community to be welcoming and inclusive of all people.

Who it's for

This program is for people with a disability, businesses, organisations, and the wider community.

How we assist you

We help our community promote awareness and understanding of inclusion, and provide guidance on how to create a welcoming environment for all people.

When we are available

Monday to Friday during business hours.

how to contact us

How to reach us

Contact Blue Sky on (02) 6651 1788 and ask to speak with an Inclusive Communities Coordinator, or use the Contact form on this website.

what we've been working on

What the team's been working on

The team developed the Inclusive Learning in Schools project, delivered through this website, offering teachers learning activities and lesson plans that facilitate conversations around inclusion and celebrate the diversity of all learners.



The team developed and delivered Sensory Awareness Workshops in schools. The main aim of these workshops is to start a conversation about sensory regulation and open up discussion around what this may mean for students, and the kinds of support that can be put in place.

Other details about Inclusive Communities