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Momentum Youth Housing Service

What we do

Our Momentum program provides direct support to young people at risk of, or currently experiencing homelessness, to find and keep a safe place to live they can call home. No one should ever experience or be at risk of homelessness.

Who it's for

Young people between 17 and 25 years of age at risk of, or currently experiencing homelessness.

How we assist you

This comprehensive program allows young people to attain safety and stability by helping them find a home.

If this is what you need, our dedicated staff will work with you to achieve better health, wellbeing, and, ultimately, a brighter future. Social connections, participation, education, employment and support are at the core of this program.

When we are available

Monday to Thursday between 9am and 4pm, and on Fridays between 9am and 3pm.

how to contact us

How to reach us

There are two main ways to reach out to the Momentum team. Self-referral: you can phone us (02) 5632 4021 to hear more about our program and support network or drop into Groundworks Youth and Family Hub, 222 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour, to meet with a team member. Referral: get an individual or organisation to complete a REFERRAL FORM on your behalf with your consent and send it to us.

what we've been working on

What the team's been working on

Sharing in the joy when a young person finds a home to call their own, our team is dedicated to walking alongside and working with young people to achieve their goals. We love to celebrate them and their wins!



‘I have the key, all is well! I just want to thank you for everything. Honestly, you have helped me so much! And I will never forget you for that. I got referred to you when I was 17 after completing rehab. I’m almost 21, and you have done nothing but help me in any way you could. I’ll never forget the things you have done to help me. I really, really appreciate it.'

Other details about Momentum Youth Housing Service