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The Living Well Expo

What we do

The Living Well Expo is a community event with a focus on engaging older persons, and people with disability and their carers, with the aim of improving health outcomes and social connections. The Expo aims to inform and support the local community through expert speakers, and provide access to relevant services and community organisations that can enable everyone to live their best life.

Who it's for

Aged Care and Disability service providers, people with a disability and their carers, older people and anyone who’s interested.

How we assist you

The Living Well Expo brings service providers and community members together, allowing people to understand the services available within their location.

When we are available

The 2024 Living Well Expo was held in March, the date for 2025 is expected to be announced later in 2024.

how to contact us

How to reach us

If you are a provider, contact Blue Sky and ask about promoting your service at the next Living Well Expo. If you are interested in attending, keep an eye out for promotions in your local media or from your service provider.

what we've been working on

What the team's been working on

The team are focussed on the primary goal and theme being ‘Healthy living for the whole community’ with an emphasis on improving social connections and health outcomes.



Our event brings key services together in one location to raise community awareness of available supports.

Other details about The Living Well Expo